Confessions of a Couturier

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When she was a child, Lilli Marcs dreamt of hearing her name mentioned on stage…

Two years ago, that childhood dream came true when my gowns appeared on the catwalk at the Melbourne Bride Wedding Expo. I was so excited. I’ve been sewing for more than 40 years but didn’t start my own business until I was older. Even though I started at a late age, I’m very happy that I did. I love being able to put a beautiful smile on beautiful brides’ faces. It’s hard to describe it because I just love what I do.

Brides today are a bit more relaxed about gowns like ours, which are a bit different to the rest. My style is all about the body shape, with a silhouette designed to follow the natural look of a woman’s body and show it off, rather than hide it under a bigger dress. I’m glad girls are going for the slinky look instead of bigger gowns. After the wedding, many of my brides chop their dress to a cocktail length or dye it another colour, which works very well with the silks they’re made from. It’s not a gown you just put away.

I do love my silk – I always work with silk. I wouldn’t use anything else for a bride because it’s very special day and a very special gown. I also love lace, and beading is a favourite as well. When somebody comes to show me some fabrics or laces or beading, I just close my eyes and see a gown in it. I said to someone once, ‘Is that strange?’ and they said, ‘No, it’s natural, it’s what you are.’ Audrey Hepburn is my biggest inspiration. She always wore such simple, beautiful gowns, in styles that could still be worn today, tomorrow, next year, in 20 years’ time. They’re just timeless.

My style is all about the body shape, with a silhouette designed to follow the natural look of a woman’s body and show it off, rather than hide it under a bigger dress.

adminConfessions of a Couturier
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Here at Luxury Weddings magazine we have crowned Lilli Marcs the couture queen of slinky bridal gowns. Today we’re sharing this queen’s latest bridal collection.

Lilli Marcs signature style is unmissable and oh so stylish, while a Lilli Marcs gown can be personalised, we’ve come to love the detailed embellishments, low backs and the fall of luxurious lace and silk fabrics that flatter a woman’s natural silhouette. From their quaint studio in Paddington, Lilli Marcs and her team of designers, dressmakers and bridal consultants work tirelessly to create the perfect gown for every bride that walks in their door. In addition to their extensive bridal gown collection, Lilli Marcs offer gowns for the bridesmaids, flowers girls and mother of the bride/groom gowns.

A veil, headpiece or piece of jewellery from Lilli Marcs is also something to be admired. Over the years we have had the pleasure of working with her accessory collections on fashion editorial shoots, and these unique pieces will set off any bride’s unique look. Lilli Marcs’s accessory collection also includes some of those hard to find items like fur wraps, shrugs and muffs.

Lilli Marcs has also launched a fresh new fragrance – available in store! To smell the new scent and start your dream dress, make an appointment with Lilli Marcs at their boutique on darling William Street in Paddington + stay connected with Lilli Marcs on social media – @LilliMarcs or

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